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Harry and the Robots - Give Us A Story!

Harry gets the help of his robots to look after Nan when she is sick. Stories for kids read with love and funny voices! Please subscribe and send on to a lit...


Listen to the story of No-Bot again then answer the questions below.

No-bot. The Robot with No Bottom! - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

READ ALOUD BOOKS FOR CHILDREN ~ Bedtime stories for kids - Tonight let's read: No-bot. The Robot with No Bottom! (Sue Hendra). A traditional read aloud bedti...

Answer these questions…

  1. Where did No-Bot lose his bottom?
  2. Who did Bernard ask first to help find his bottom?
  3. What did the bear use the bottom for?
  4. What things in the story looked like Bernard’s bottom?
Where was Bernard's bottom in the end?

KS2 Click on the link to read the story then answer the questions below.

1. Why were Saturdays a special day for Shara?


2. What was Shara's father famous for? 


3.Which word tells you that Guissie is happy? (In paragraph 3)


4. What does the word 'malfunctioning' mean? (In Paragraph 4)



5. Where did Shara find Guisse? (Paragraph 4)



6. What feature did the Old Professor add to Guissie? (Chapter 5)

KS2 Reading to enjoy...

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown Excerpt No. 2 (Audiobook Excerpt)

This is a preview of the digital audiobook of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, available on at The Wild Rob...

The Iron Man - Chapter 1 by Ted Hughes

A book I read as a child and a wonderful story full of mystery and intrigue. To purchase this book for yourself and read along, visit: