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Reading at home

We work hard to promote reading at school and aim to make every child a reader. We know how important it is for the children to hear a range of stories and other books so the children are read to on a daily basis in school.

We organise exciting reading events for the children to be involved with throughout the school year to keep up their love of reading. 

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime is a great time for sharing a book with your children. It helps you to build positive relationships, aids their language development and communication skills, helps them to make sense of the world around them and stimulates their imagination too!

Bedtime stories are always available for your child to take home - please look in your child's book bag each week for these books and don't hesitate to ask if you need more!

As your child gets older and moves through school, please continue to share books whenever you can as this will continue to build their reading understanding and comprehension skills - as well as keeping alive their love of sharing stories!


Useful Information to support reading at home