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Zaryaab and Rayyan's review of the EYFS Nativity Performance


We saw the Reception and Nursery dress rehearsal performance in the Hall - they were loud and clear and even though they were little they didn't give up. Zaryaab said "I really liked the part when the angels came and sang on stage especially when my sister was singing!" They danced smoothly and beautifully with their shiny, silver tinsel headbands twinkling under the lights. Rayyan said,  "I liked the songs, they were loud and clear and although the children were not in Key Stage One or Two, they still were not nervous and remembered their lines - especially Mary!" The innkeepers were loud and they had good actions - their song was good too. We could hear their lines, like "too late! We are full up!"

The song called 'Miracle in Town' at the end of the show was our favourite because it was loud and jolly and all of Reception and Nursery stood up together to sing it to us. 

Written by Zaryaab and Rayyan (Year 3a)


Match report as featured in South Leeds Life.


Lane End Primary FC V St Lukes Primary School (27TH November)

Location: The Lane End MUGA Attendance: Approx. 50

Final Score: 2 – 5


Match Report by the Lane End team:

“Wow what a contest! With difficult weather conditions Lane End Primary FC were very competitive in their first every game. The team spirit was amazing there was no moaning or grumbling about the rain and cold, just encouragement and support for teammates. St Luke’s brought a strong team over but we more than held our own and we are looking forward to a rematch after some practice. We should be very proud of this team for representing the school so well.”

Star Player: The Whole Team!

Highlight of the game: “It had to be the 2 goals we scored; one amazing strike by Tanelle and a last minute top corner screamer by Kobi”.

Player Comments: “I had skills, the match was perfect!” Thierry.

“It was good, we played well as a team and it was a little bit hard.” Tanelle.

“It was cold but so fun in the shivering wind.” Abdoel.

“It was fun and exciting and can’t wait to do it again” Laila-Grace.

Match Report

On Tuesday 25 November 2018 a team of children from Lane End played a football match against St Lukes.  The kick off was at 3:30. Some children started off the game, after five minute Mr Hawksworth started changing people around. Just then St Lukes scored a goal so Lane End had to step it up. When it was half time we came up with a plan. So after half time was done, Lane End came out and scored a goal. The game carried on with St Lukes scoring 5 goals and Lane End scoring 2 goals. It was fun after all.


Laila-Grace (Y4a)