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Week 12 Phonics
Miss Monaghan's group


This week your new sound is ‘oo’. There are two different ways to pronounce ‘oo’ we have the long ‘oo’ in words such as spoon and the short ‘oo’ in words such as book. Watch the video below to help you.


Miss Stylianidou’s group


This week we are learning about the th sound. Watch the video below, it will help you practice reading lots of ‘th’ words.

 You can play a fun game here too:

Read the story below. How many ’th’ words can you find. Make a list!

Mrs Baird’s group


This week your new sound is ‘au’. This phoneme is usually at the beginning of words, such as Autumn.
It sounds the same as ‘aw, which you learned last week. It also sounds the same as ’or’ in phase 3. Watch the video below and see if you can join in with reading and writing the words that the teacher says.


Read the postcard and underline all the ‘au’ words that you find. Make a list. (You should spot some ‘or’ words too!) Challenge! Write some sentences using the au words. Make them interesting, don’t forget to use adjectives! Example: In August, they will launch a giant, metal rocket into Space

Miss Thomas' group


This week we are carrying on looking at contractions and how to write words in the contracted form. 

The powerpoint presentation below will go through everything that you’ve learnt so far and help you with anything you are stuck on.




Have a go at matching the contractions and their expanded form below. Then can you re-write the sentences in their contracted form.