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This week we are going to focus on the following 2 sounds. Please look at j for 2 days and v for 2 days, NOT ON THE SAME DAY. 






Firstly, if you would like to watch a video all about the sound, log into Espresso ( logon details in your home learning pack) and follow the pathway:


Literacy – phonics – scrap’s phonics – click on the letter sound.


This will take you to an introduction video all about the sound. 


One the right hand side of the screen you will see games that link to the sound. Have a go at the blending and reading games. 












Reading activity for 'j'


A game we play in school is called 'beat the clock'. Write down the following cards a little bit like this.  You might want to put a little sound button under each sound to support your child with their blending. They push on the sound button and say the sound. 














Use these words for j










For a little challenge you might want to use these words






How many words can you read in a minute? Can you beat your score? Why not make a little scavenger hunt of words and your child has to find the word, bring it to you then blend it. 





Practise writing j.


Use the lane end way. 

We say, 

" up, down curl and dot. J"


Can you write a sentence about a j word?Pick a word from the list and write about it.A silly sentence is good. How about 


I can jump in jam.


Don't forget finger spaces and a full stop! 




The next sound we will look at this week is v.


Again, firstly, if you can, look at the scraps phonics video introducing you to the v sound. 



Can you think of any words that begin with the 'v' sound? 

Do we know anyone in Reception whose name begins with a 'v' sound? 


Then play the blending games on the side, just like you did with 'j'. 


There are not many words that have v in them, but have a go at blending these words together. 


vet, van, vat, vest


Then lets play a blending game. You will need some paper and a pen. 

At school we like to play a game called cross the river. You set up a word with a letter on each card/ piece of paper and your child will need to jump across the cards to blend the word. You could even do this on chalks on the pavement or in your garden if you wanted. 

So you would put three cards out -

s      i     t  and your child would jump across to read sit. 

Let your child make up silly ones for you to blend for fun! 


Some words you could use are : 


vet jig let huff
run van bus  jam
beg get back jug


Practise writing v. We can see that the v looks like a vulture. When we write we start at the bottom, go up, down the wing, up the wing. 


Can your child write a sentence about  this picture? Talk about the vet, what it does then talk about the sentence they will write before they write it. Ask them to listen for the sounds in words, write the sounds they know, don't forget finger spaces and full stops.