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Week 11 Phonics
Miss Monaghan's group

This week your new sound is ‘oa’. Watch the video below and see if you can sing along to all the ‘oa’ words

Miss Stylianidou’s group

This week we are learning about the sh sound. Watch the video below, it will help you practice reading lots of ‘sh’ words.

Click on this link to play a game all about the sounds you have learnt.

Have a look at the pictures below. Some of these words have ’sh’ in them, and some have last week’s sound which was ch. Can you label them correctly?

You will need these words: shell, chicken, chin, chips, fish, ship


After you have labelled the words, can you have a go at writing a sentence using them? 

Mrs Baird’s group

This week your new sound is ‘aw’. This phoneme sounds the same as ‘or’, which you learned in phase 3. Watch the video below and see if you can join in with reading and writing the words that the teacher says.

Add the sound buttons to the words below


Miss Thomas' group

This week we are carrying on looking at contractions and how to write words in the contracted form. Watch the video below to remind you of all the things you learnt last week.


This week you have two challenges.

1) Click on this link to have a go at a contractions quiz.


2) Can you make your own contractions flap book- all you need is a plain piece of paper, scissors and a pencil. Use the  following words to help you make your flap book: do not, you have, I have, she is, did not, we are