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This week we are going to focus on the following 2 sounds. Please look at or for 2 days and  ur for 2 days, NOT ON THE SAME DAY. 





Firstly, if you would like to watch a video all about the sound, log into Espresso ( logon details in your home learning pack) and follow the pathway:





Then as always have a little go at the blending games opposite




Reading activity for or


Firstly, have a go at reading these or words. Remember, you might need a sound line and buttons under the sounds to support. 











For a challenge have a go at this word 






Reading practice for 'or'

Let's play our favourite blending game - silly soup! Write some words and fold them up. Put them in a pan. Sing our silly soup song and then pick a or word out. Blend it together then see if it gets to go in your soup! 



Writing practice for 'or' 


Can your child write  the sentence 


I need a torch at night.





Show your child the following picture. Ask them what they can see? Prompt them to the full sentence, Let's look at the book.  Say it a few times to help them to remember it. Then ask them to write, using their knowledge of the sounds, finger spaces and a full stop at the end.  Please encourage your child to be as independent as they can, then discuss it at the end. 








Tricky word practice


Can you practice our tricky words with the roll it read it game? You will need a dice. When you roll a number, choose a tricky word on that set and read it . Cross it out. Can you complete a line? Can you roll a 1-6?





You might use the tricky words: 

I, no , go , to , into, the

he, she, me, we, be, me, all , you, are, was, they, my, her



This week we are going to look at a new tricky word : have


Can you say the word in a sentence ? My sentence is " I  have a dog called Dexter"

Can you take a picture of the word with your magic camera? Then can you write it?

Look at the word - it has 4 letters, 2 tall and 2 short. Say the letters that you need for the word. 


Can you sort the words for the sentence? 


She  short   hair   has. 




Now can you write your own sentence about something you have ? 


Remember if you have any queries, questions or would like some support, please don't hesitate to contact us on  or through your tapestry account. We can't wait to see your wonderful phonics learning! 


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop 


Wednesday 1st July 2020


Today we are going to explore the ur sound. 


To introduce the sound, please watch the pollys phonics video on Espresso



The play the blending games to supplement and practice your new sound




Please practice reading the following words. Use sound buttons to support you if needed. 












For a little challenge, try these words




Reading activity for 'ur'

 Magic words! 

Make a chalk track or target on the street, in your garden or on the wall. If you don't have any chalk, use little cards with ur words written on. Your child has to blend the word and then they can rub the word out with water- either with a water gun or a squirty bottle - an old pop bottle or a squirty gun. The children will not even realise that they are doing phonics as they squirt the word out like magic! 

Another good messy idea for this is to write a word in shaving cream, the child blends it and rubs it out, then write another !





Writing activities for ar 


Can you write a label for the pictures below?































Remember, we have a new tricky word that we are learning this week 




What will  you have for your tea tonight?  My sentence would be 


I will have pizza for tea. 



As always if you require any support, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Miles or Mrs Widdop on the reception email at or through your tapestry account.