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Week 10 Phonics
Miss Monaghan's group

This week your new sound is ‘igh’. Watch the video and see if you can help Geraldine the giraffe read the ‘igh’ words. 

Join in with the video below to have a game of SPLAT! Can you splat the correct ‘igh’ words?

Your last challenge is to have a go at sorting the real and ‘alien’ words. Can you sort the ‘igh’ words into the correct column?


Miss Stylianidou’s group

This week we are going to be looking at the ‘ch’ sound. I’m sure you can already think of lots of words that have the sound ‘ch’ in them. Watch the video below to practise reading and saying some of them.

Can you have a go at matching the picture to the correct ‘ch’ word?


Mrs Baird’s group

This week your new sound is ‘ue’ watch the video below and see if you can join in with reading and writing the words that the teacher says.

See if you can spot all the tiny ‘ue’ words in the picture, there are 15 of them hiding!


Challenge- Can you have a go at writing some sentences with those ‘ue’ words in them? Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Miss Thomas' group

Over the next few weeks I am setting you a super tricky challenge to learn all about contractions and apostrophes.

Sometimes we want to make our writing a little bit quicker and less formal we can use contractions to do this. Instead of writing He is going to the shop. We might say or write He’s going to the shop.

We have got rid of the letter i  and swapped it for an apostrophe. This is an example of a contraction.

All I would like you to do this week is click on the link below and watch all the videos to help you understand a little bit more about contractions and apostrophes, then have a go at the game at the bottom of the page!