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This week we are going to focus on the following 2 sounds. Please look at oo for 2 days and  ar for 2 days, NOT ON THE SAME DAY. 





The first sound we are going to look at this week is the short 'oo' sound, as in words like book and look. 

Firstly, if you would like to watch a video all about the sound, log into Espresso ( logon details in your home learning pack) and follow the pathway:




Then as always have a little go at the blending games opposite





Reading the short 'oo' can be tricky. Children will automatically want to change it to a long oo. When reading, if children say a word with the long oo, ask them if that makes sense. If they say no, encourage them to say it with the short oo sound. 


Reading activity for oo


Firstly, have a go at reading these oo words. Remember, you might need a sound line and buttons under the sounds to support. 













For a challenge have a go at these words






Some of these words are high frequency words. These are words that we see lots when we are reading and need lots when we are writing. Practice 'look' and encourage your child to see it and say it. Learning this word will help them with their reading and writing fluency. I like to put little eyes in the oo to help them look! 




Lets play post the word. Use a box or something that your child can post a word card into. You might want to turn an envelope into a monster! 



Get your child to read a variety of words containing digraphs. You might like to use this list, which includes a variety of digraphs that we have covered so far. Your child reads and posts the words - the monster gobbles them up! 


dash             shed          cash        chip         sing             rang          bath         this         rain       bait

weep            feet           light       night       load             soap          boot          moon       hook      wool






Writing practice for 'oo' 


Can your child write  the sentence 


Let's look at a book




Show your child the following picture. Ask them what they can see? Prompt them to the full sentence, Let's look at the book.  Say it a few times to help them to remember it. Then ask them to write, using their knowledge of the sounds, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. At this point in their learning journey, your child does not need to write the apostrophy! Please encourage your child to be as independent as they can, then discuss it at the end. 







Tricky word practice


Tricky word track game 




Use a dice and roll. Read the word that you land on. See who can be the first to the finish!!!



You might use the tricky words: 

I, no , go , to , into, the


he, she, me, we, be, me, all , you, are, was, they, my, her



This week we are going to look at a new tricky word : like


Can you say the word in a sentence ? My sentence is " I like chocolate"

Can you take a picture of the word with your magic camera? Then can you write it?

Look at the word - it has 4 letters, 2 tall and 2 short. Say the letters that you need for the word. 


Can you sort the words for the sentence? 


likes        sweets.     My        mum



Now can you write your own sentence about something you or a member of your family likes ? 


Remember if you have any queries, questions or would like some support, please don't hesitate to contact us on  or through your tapestry account. We can't wait to see your wonderful phonics learning! 


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop 


Wednesday 24th June 2020


Today we are going to explore the ar sound. 


To introduce the sound, please watch the pollys phonics video on Espresso



The play the blending games to supplement and practice your new sound




Please practice reading the following words. Use sound buttons to support you if needed. 











For a little challenge, try these words




Reading activity for 'ar'


Lets play start the car! 


Make a little race track. At points in the track, write one of the ar words above. Your child can write start at the beginning. They then drive their car to the stops and read the word. You could do it large on chalk if you would like. It doesn't need to be a car, you can make a pony track, a mermaid sea track, whatever interests your child! 





Writing activities for ar 


Can you write a label for the pictures below? 






























Can you write a sentence about what you like to do at the park?

Start your sentence with 


At the park I like to...........





Remember, we have a new tricky word that we are learning this week 




What do you like to at home? What is your favourite activity? My sentence would be 


I like to read a book. 

Can you write a sentence about what you like? 



As always if you require any support, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Miles or Mrs Widdop on the reception email at or through your tapestry account.