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Phonics is really important for reading and spelling and we are firming up our skills in Year 3. Try to use these activities at least 2 times this week - the more the better!

If you are finding Phase 5 hard, try Phase 3 instead to build your confidence and then come back to Phase 5.

Let us know of any specific sounds you would like more practice on through the year group email and we will focus on those in more depth next week!

Don't forget to send in pictures of your improved scores or you playing the games and we will add you to the Roll of Honour!

Phase 5 Sounds Song

If you listen to this each day and say the sounds and words as you see them, you'll soon be able to read all the sounds! Aim for at least twice a week.

Our Sound Family this Week are oo, ew, ue, u and u-e

This week we have two sound families in one. We are looking at the phoneme that make the sounds oo (long sound) and ue (you). This video focuses on the oo sounds (oo, ew, ue, u and u-e) but remember that ew, ue, u and u-e all make a 'you' sound too.

Dobby's Socks game using the ew family.

ew Sound Family Spelling Challenge

Some of you do phonics each afternoon with Miss Barnett and Miss Ijaz. If you are one of those children then click on this link for phonics games for you to play at least 2 times a week.