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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’


Miss Monaghan’s group


This week we are setting you an extra challenge to learn two new sounds! Your sounds this week are ‘ng’ and ‘ee’. Watch the videos below to help you read some ‘ng’ and ‘ee’ words.




Have a go at adding the sound buttons onto the words

Miss Stylianidou’s group


This week we are learning about the qu sound. Watch the video below, it will help you practice reading lots of ‘qu’ words.


Read and write down all the 'qu' words

Mrs Baird’s group


This week, our focus sound is /ir/. It is an alternative sound to /er/ and /ur/, which you have learnt earlier this year.
Watch this video and join in with reading and writing the sounds and words.

Now read the words on the poster below. Write some sentences using the words. Remember to use a capital letter, finger space and full stop. *Adjectives and conjunctions would make your sentences even better too!*


Complete the table of 'ir' and 'ur' words

Miss Thomas’ group


This week we are continuing to look at how to change a word into a plural form. Click on the link below to have a go at a plurals game.


Can you write the correct singular or plural version of the noun?