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This week we are going to focus on the following 2 sounds. Please look at oa for 2 days and  oo for 2 days, NOT ON THE SAME DAY. 






Firstly, if you would like to watch a video all about the sound, log into Espresso ( logon details in your home learning pack) and follow the pathway:



Then as always have a little go at the blending games opposite





Reading activity for oa


Firstly, have a go at reading these oa words. Remember, you might need a sound line and buttons under the sounds to support. 












For a challenge have a go at these words






In reception we play a game called 'treasure chest'. If you read a word and it is a real word, it is treasure. If you read a word and it is an 'alien' word ( a nonsense word that is silly and made up with three sounds) it goes in the bin. Have a go at the treasure chest game. Write the oa words above onto pieces of paper and fold them up. Write these alien words onto paper and fold them up. The children blend them and decide where they go. A super practice at blending. 








You might want to draw a treasure chest and a rubbish bin for your child to sort their words into.





Writing practice for oa 


Can your child write  the sentence 


The goat sat on the boat




Show your child the following picture. Ask them what they can see? Prompt them to the full sentence, The goat sat on the boat.  Say it a few times to help them to remember it. Then ask them to write, using their knowledge of the sounds, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. 






Tricky word practice


Tricky word noughts and crosses


Using the tricky words that we have learnt, write them onto labels onto a grid like below. Take it in turns with your child to read one of the words. If you get it right you can give it a nought or a cross. The first to three in a row is the winner! 


You might use the tricky words: 

I, no , go , to , into, the


he, she, me, we, be, me, all , you, are, was, they, my, her




As always, if you have any questions, queries, or require and support, please do not hesitate to contact us, either on or on your tapestry account. 

We can't wait to see your learning! 

Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop


Wednesday 17th June 2020 - oo


Today we are going to be exploring the oo sound. There are two sounds that the grapheme oo makes - there is a long oo in words like moon and spoon and a short oo in words like book and look. Today we will explore the long oo and next week we will look at the short oo. 


Firstly, click on the oo video to introduce it on espresso - remember, please watch the long oo video. 





Then play the games on the right, to practice your blending skills. 




Have a go at blending these words. Remember, your child may need sound buttons under each sound and a line under the oo sound. This will help them to blend.














For a challenge try blending these words






Have a go at playing a game with oo words!


Can you play countdown? 

How many of the oo words can you read in 1 minute? How many can you read in 2 minutes? Can you beat your time?




Can you read the sentence that goes along with this picture? 


It is a man on the moon. He has a helmet on.





Writing activity for oo


Can you use the oo words , write them and draw a little picture to match. This is a label! 




Then can you write a silly sentence, you will love this one!! Can you ask your child to look at the picture- what can they see? 

Can they have a go at writing the sentence


I can see poo at the zoo! 



As always, if you have any questions, queries or require support, or you just want to show off the amazing work your child is doing, please get in touch at or through your tapestry account. 


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop