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Week 7 Phonics
Miss Monaghan’s group

Watch the video below to help remind you of lots of the new sounds that you have learnt.
Challenge- Can you write down at least 10 of the words you have heard?

Now can you match the words to the pictures?

Miss Stylianidou’s group

In your phonics lessons you have been practising reading high frequency words. These are words that might come up in our reading books lots of times. We try and learn them off by heart so that when we read our book we don’t have to sound them out. See if you can spot all of the words on the wordsearch. How many do you think there are?

Mrs Baird’s group
This week your new sound is ‘ea’. You have already learnt how to read and spell words with another type of ‘ee’ however today you are going to learn more about a different spelling of ‘ea’. Watch the video below to tell you more about it.


Now have a go at writing these ‘ea’ words and adding the sound buttons to them, a few examples have already been done to remind you of what to do.

Miss Thomas’ group
This week we are carrying on looking at past tense. Changing a verb into past tense can be quite tricky, often we just add the suffix ‘ed’ onto the end of a word such as ‘help’ to ‘helped’, however there are a few words that don’t follow that rule. Have a look at the guide below to help remind you about the rules behind changing a word to past tense and then have a go at the sorting activity.