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Miss Monaghan’s group

This week all your words have the sounds ‘sh’ ‘th’ or ‘qu’ in them. Have a go at the activity below and sort the real words from the alien words.

Use some of the real words in a sentence. Remember a capital letter, finger spaces and full stop!


Miss Stylianidou’s group

In our phonics lessons we do lots of practising reading both real words and alien words. This week we would like you to have a go at sorting the real and alien words out. Use the link below and have a go!

Your extra challenge is to have a go at drawing and writing the pictures below, remember to sounding them out slowly to help you write them.

Mrs Baird’s group

Your new sound this week is the ‘ie’ sound. Watch the video below to help you learn all about it.


Can you have a go at spotting all of the ‘ie’ words  in the postcard? Once you have a list of them all, see if you can write any of your on sentences including the ‘ie’ words, remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Miss Thomas’ group

In our phonics lessons we have focused a lot on choosing the correct tense that a word needs to be in in order for a sentence to make sense. Remember past tense is something that has already happened, whereas present tense is something that is currently happening.


For example

Last week I ate some delicious birthday cake at Ellie’s birthday party.

I eat my breakfast at 7am every day.


Have a go at the two activities below.