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Phonics - Week 4


Miss Monaghan’s group
This week, we will learn the sound ‘qu’. Watch the video below and sound out the words. Can you put the words into a sentence? CHALLENGE: Write your sentence down!

Then, play 'Dragon's Den'. Select 'Phase 3' then '+qu' and practise blending for reading. Have fun!


Miss Stylianidou’s group

This week we will practise blending for reading. Click on two cards to turn them over. You need to match the word with the correct picture. Keep going until you have found all the pairs!

Login: march20     password: home
CHALLENGE: As you play the game, make a list of all the words you find. Choose 2 words and write them in a sentence.


Mrs Baird’s group
This week we will begin Phase 5. We will learn /ay/.
Join in with the video below, recap the sounds and tricky words we have learnt in class, and learn to recognise and read and write words that have /ay/ in them.

After, listen to my sentences and write them down. Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and the correct punctuation.

Recording (2).mp3

CHALLENGE: Make a poster showing all the ay words that you can spell!


Miss Thomas’ group

We have learnt about prefixes and suffixes. Play the matching game below. Pick a word card, if the word already includes the prefix (un-, dis-) Think about what the root word would be. Click to try to find this new word.

Log in: march20    password:home

Now, draw a straight line down the middle of your book, like below. Write un and dis in each column.
Look at the word list and decide which prefix matches the root word. Don’t worry If you find this a little tricky, it’s a good way to learn new words and their meanings!

frozen, fasten, obey, happily, beaten, agree, loyal


CHALLENGE: When you have learnt the meanings of the new words, have a go at writing 2 or 3 sentences.
Example: I will not disagree with my grown up!