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Miss Monaghan’s group
Practise reading tricky words with this fun video:

Now use the phase 3 phonemes in the circles to help you write labels for the picture. You don’t have to print this out, just write a list of words!


Miss Sty’s group
Select ‘Phase 2 cvc words’ and see how many you words you can read against the timer.
Then have a go at writing the words to match the pictures. You don’t need to print the sheet out, just look at the pictures and segment to spell the words.



Mrs Baird’s group

Read the short story and write a list of all of the clusters (nd, nk, cr) that you find.


Now write an interesting sentence to match each picture below.

These words use the clusters sp, fr, st, tr, nd


Miss Thomas’ group

Have a go at this fun word search! There are 8 words to be found.


Now write 2 or 3 interesting sentences about the picture below.