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Parents Meetings - Booking and joining a virtual video call

Parents and Teachers Meetings


Dear Parents and Carers


We have been working hard to find and set up a safe, simple and secure way to hold Parent meetings this term, where you can talk to class teachers about how your child is progressing with their learning and how they are doing with the wider aspects of school life.


We are going to use the existing Teachers 2 Parents system that we already have in school for this – and they will be virtual, video meetings so they are safer in the current situation.


What do you need to do first?


You will be able to book your appointments online.


Parents Meeting booking slots, for most classes, will be on:


Wednesday 5th May 3:30 – 7:30 and Thursday 6th May 3:30 – 5:30


For Hazel and Yew classes only they will be on:


Tuesday 18th May 3:30 – 7:30 and Thursday 20th May 3:30 – 5:30


We will send a link to your mobile phone and/or your email address which will take you to our online booking system to select a time that works for you from the options available.


(Also see page 5 of the Parents Guide booklet for pictures of what you should see)


Once you get this message, that includes the link, please follow these simple steps to book your slot:


  1. Click the link that you receive through text and/or email to take you to the confirmation page. You will need internet access to do this.


  1. Enter your child’s first name to continue. If you have more than one child, any of their first names will work.


  1. Next you will be taken to the booking page. This will show your children alongside all of the teachers that you can book in with.


  1. Click ‘Please Choose’ to be shown a list of available times that you can click to book.


  1. Please click ‘Book this Slot’ to complete your booking. When the button has turned green you know your booking has been made.
  2. At any time before the Parents Evening, you can click the link on your phone or email again to check your booking time or even un-book by clicking the green booked button.

Make sure you book your parents evening as soon as you can, to ensure you get the best time for you.


There are also further guides, including photos of the steps you need to take, and what the video meeting will look like above this section.


If you need paper copies of any of these guides or documents, please contact the school office and they will organise to get these to you.



How will it work?


Before the video call time slot, you will receive a link by text message/email. You need to click on this to be able to join the video meeting. (See pages 6 - 9 of the Parent Guide).


Important things to remember:


  • You must join the call at the exact time your booked meeting slot is. The system is automated and the teachers will not be able to start the meeting at different times.


  • You will only have the 10 minutes allocated to your meeting. After this time, the video call will automatically stop and the connection will be ended. Teachers will not be able to stop this happening and cannot lengthen the time you have. The Teachers 2 Parents system is in full control of this.


  • Please use one of the links below to check that the settings of the device you will use for the meeting will allow sound and video. Please try to test this before the meeting time.


If you need any help or support in getting this booked or set up, please could you email the school office on :  or ring or text the office and leave a message explaining what you need. Someone will get back to you as soon as they can.


The Pastoral team will also be supporting parents and carers in booking their virtual parents video call. One of the team may give you a call to see if you need any help or support.


Thank you for your continuing support

Asa Britton and the Lane End Team