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Our Nursery Archive: 2015-2016

Bob the Rabbit

Some of the animals we saw on our trip...

Making Ice-Cream!

Every week Mrs Collingwood comes and does lots of Baking and Cooking with all of us. Here we are making ice-cream! We had to whisk eggs, add cream and add the vanilla pod to make it tasty. We can't wait to taste it...


After making our ice cream we returned to Nursery and waited for the ice cream to freeze. A few days later the ice cream was ready. The first batch was served from 'Acorn Ice Cream Parlor' and we could pay extra for chocolate or strawberry sauce and sprinkles. It was very tasty!

Learning Through Movement

Crawl, Jump, Hop, Skip, Roll, Throw, Bounce, Catch, Sing, Dance, Feel, Play, Laugh, FUN!

Learning Shapes

We have been having lots of fun learning all about flat (2D shapes) in Nursery. We are mainly learning the names of the shapes Square, Circle, Triangle and Rectangle. We love singing these shapes song too. 

We has such a fantastic world book day in Nursery and we were so impressed with all the children’s costumes. They looked great.

To start the day we had a story read to us (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) by one of our parents. The story was read a page at a time in Urdu and then in English.

Then we went into the Hall for a very special assembly for our Mummy’s and Daddy’s. We all read a book for 5 minutes before re-telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using actions.

Later we had another one of our Mums come to read us a story in English. Then again in the afternoon we had two more Mums come to read us a story in Urdu and in Malay.

We had a fantastic day and we need to say a huge thank you for coming to our assembly and to those parents who came to read us a story in their home language.

What a brilliant day!

A Rainy Day Visit to the Library

To continue our love of books after a fantastic world book day we had a visit to our local library. We love our monthly visits to the Library and despite all the rain we were all very excited to go again. We all found a lovely book to read and share with a friend and before we set off back to Nursery we had a story read to us.

Chinese New Year


To celebrate Chinese New Year we had lots of fun in Nursery. We had a special finger gym challenge where the children had to use a spoon to carefully full the bowls of rice. We had some sensory fun with noodles on the dough table and did some lovely colouring of the chinese zodiac animals and symbols. We also listened to the story of how the animal zodiac signs were decided by the special Jade Emperor. We loved saying Nin Hao on a morning and afternoon which means 'hello' in Mandarin. 

Printing with Numicon


In Nursery we are looking at our Numicon shapes and learning to say the number for each plate. Here we are printing with the numcion plates we have learnt so far 1, 2 and 3. We will be learning all the numicon plates 1-10. 

Numicon Numbers 1-10

Fantastic Fizzing Fireworks


We were all very excited about ‘Bonfire Night’ and loved watching all the fireworks pop, whizz and bang in the dark night sky. We used paint and cardboard tubes to create some wonderful pieces of art. We also set off our own fireworks in Nursery. We used balloons and colored water to make our fireworks explode outside. It was very exciting!

Nursery Rhymes