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Non Screen activities

Set yourself a challenge.

Learn to tie your shoe laces.

Learn to tell the time.

Write a Poem

You can write a poem about absolutely anything... the weather, an animal, a shoe.

You could write a poem a day!!


Make a boat from an empty margarine tub, use paper or cardboard sails.


Put on a play.


Have a dressing up session.


Pretend you are a spy and write secret messages. 


Make the most of the snow!  

Go out and build a snowman or try some sledging.

Even just a walk ... How different is the world around us when covered in snow?

  • listen to your footprints,
  • touch the snow,
  • how do the trees look, the telephone wires etc.


Be a scientist: think about friction, can you explain how to make your sledge go faster?


When you come in to warm up you could try one of these activities depending on your age...


Write or draw some instructions ...

How to get dressed up for playing in the snow.

How to build a snowman


Write a diary entry to tell us all about the fun you had in the snow.


Write a poem.