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Each week in your Maths home learning there will be two different types of activities.  There will be a main key objective and a Maths fluency key objective.  The main objective this week is to convert fractions to decimal numbers.  The Maths fluency key objective this week is to identify multiples and factors of a number.  Remember to keep working on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.


There are decimal activities available on the Mathletics website.


Each Friday we will post the answers to the challenges.



KO: to convert fractions to decimal numbers


To find out more about this week's KO watch the video below.

Convert the following fractions into decimal numbers.
Convert the following decimals numbers into fractions.
Convert the decimals numbers into fractions and the fractions into decimals numbers.

KO: to identify multiples and factors of a number


To review work we have done on multiples and factors there is a game for you to play. If you have forgotten what multiples and factors are, go back to week 3, read the information, watch the video and complete the activity.


You can play it one player or you can play with other people in your family.

Then choose which type of question you would like.  It can be about factors, multiples, least common multiples (the lowest multiples of both numbers) or greatest common factors (the largest factor of both numbers).  Then choose one of the numbers. Each number has a question and if you get that question right you get that number of points.  If there is a question that you are unsure of then you can guess.  


See how many points you can get altogether!!!

Each question is multiple choice.