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This week in maths we will be thinking about 'subtraction.' We sometimes call this take away.


When we think about subtraction, we can think about seeing how many we have left. We start off with an amount and part of the amount is taken away to see how many are left. You know your child, either keep it within 10 if this is where they feel the most comfortable, or use numbers up to twenty if this is something that is going to be an appropriate challenge for your child. 


Everytime you do an activity about subtraction, talk about what happens when we subtract, ie we take some away, the amount gets smaller, the number gets smaller, we count back. 


Practice counting back like rockets from 20 and blast off!!!


Count Down From 20 to 1

Activities for subtraction


1. Last week we used the number bus to see how many people got on. This week, we will start off with more people at a stop, then some people are going to get off! Link this with our bears topic and arrange bears on a bus! .

For example, 9 bears are on the bus. Six got off. How many are left on the bus? 



2.  Dice game. 


Play a dice game, using a ten frame and some counters, as we have previously. Each person fills their ten frame. They have to roll the dice and remove that many counters. The winner is the person who empties their ten frame  Make sure to talk about the process each time you take a turn. For example, you started with 5 and you took away three. You have 2 left. I started with 6. Next I subtracted 2. Now I have 4 left. 



3.  Count out 5 objects with your child. Talk about how many your child can see. Cover over the objects with a tea towel and remove some objects without your child seeing. Tell them that you have removed 2, how many are left under the cloth. How do they know?  Can they use their fingers  to support them? Encourage them to talk through their understanding. 


I had 5 to begin with

You took away 2

Now there are 3 left. 


Mix it up with different numbers and make it easier/ harder depending on how your child gets on. 



4. Ten green bottles / Skittles


Make up ten green bottles or skittles out side. Play the game. Roll over 1,2 or 3 each time. Encourage your child to talk about how many they have left. How many did they start with? How many did they knock down? How many are left? 



As with addition last week, the important part of the maths is the discussion and understanding and making the activities really physical. If you then want to write the number sentence for your child to see, or encourage your child to write the number sentence to show their understanding, this is absolutely fine! 


We would love to see how you got on with this this week . If you have any questions or would like to share your work, please don't hesitate to contact us either on Tapestry or on the reception email address


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop