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This week we are going to focus on the following 2 sounds. Please look at ng for 2 days and  ai for 2 days, NOT ON THE SAME DAY. 






Firstly, if you would like to watch a video all about the sound, log into Espresso ( logon details in your home learning pack) and follow the pathway:


Literacy – phonics – scrap’s phonics – click on the letter sound.







Then, if you can, have a go at the blending games on the right hand side of the page that go along with each sound.






Reading activity to go along with 'ng'.


First have a go at reading these ng words.













For a challenge have a go at blending these words


ping pong






USE SOUND BUTTONS TO HELP. PUT A SOUND LINE UNDER ng so your child knows that it makes one sound, just like in ck.



'ng' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

It is really important that we get the pronunciation of 'ng' correct. Getting this right will really help your child with correct blending of words and segmenting the sounds for writing. If you don't have access to espresso, have a listen to this video to help you with the pronunciation of 'ng'.

Reading activity for 'ng'


Let's play countdown. 

Use a selection of words ( ng words and also words from previous sounds) and set a timer. Some nice timers are on


The children in Beech and Willow really like the egg timer. Set it for 2 minutes and see how many words your child can read in two minutes? Then see if they can beat their best!!!



Read the following question - will you answer yes or no? 


Can Mrs Widdop sing a song?


Writing activity for 'ng' 


Below is a selections of wings

Can you write a sentence about a set of wings? Don't forget to listen for all the sounds in words, finger spaces and full stops. 




Tricky word game


Lots of you really enjoyed the tricky word game last week, so here is another one for you! 

Try to mix it up and use a variety of the tricky words that we have learned in Reception. You might use 


I, no , go , to , into, the


he, she, me, we, be, me, all , you, are, was, they, my, her,


Today, can you have a go at the tricky word lucky dip.  Put a selection of tricky words into a box. Then at different times of day ask your child to take a lucky dip! They pick out a word and if they recognise it and can read it, they get a point. Ten points for a treat ( biscuit or snack!) 



If you have any questions, or would like to share your  work, please don't hesitate to contact us either through Tapestry or at


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Our new phonics sound today is 'ai'. This is now one of our vowel digraphs that we look at in Reception. There are many ways to write 'ai' - in words like play and make, however, for Reception children they need to be able to hear an ai sound in a word and write it using their knowledge of 'ai' with ai spelling, DONT WORRY ABOUT CORRECT SPELLING USING DIFFERENT WAYS TO WRITE THE AI SOUND. THIS COMES IN YEAR 1. WE SIMPLY FOCUS ON THE 'AI' SPELLING. 

Of course, if your child is interested in the correct spelling, you can show them, but don't worry about them remembering it. We simply say, " ooh I can hear ai in play too, its written a different way, but amazing listening for the sound!" praising hearing the sound - this is fantastic! 


If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact Miss Miles or Mrs Widdop on email or Tapestry. 


As always, start off your learning about the new sound by watching the espresso video. This is now found in 'Pollys phonics,' section of espresso. If you search pollys phonics in the search bar, click on the top search, you will find this page: 



Watch the ai introduction, then have a go at the activities on the right hand side. 


Reading activity for 'ai'. 


Have a go at reading the following 'ai' words













For a challenge, have a go at reading these words. Remember, sound buttons may help! 







Notice that we MOSTLY see ai in the middle of words. This is interesting and a good point to make to your child. If we hear 'ai' in the middle of words, it mostly looks like this. 


Reading game for 'ai'


Have a little go at making a blending strip. Put 'ai' in the middle and this doesn't move. Put different sounds at both ends, make them move up and down and make up some silly words! 


Writing activity for 'ai'


Have a go at writing the words that have been written above. Use a phoneme frame. Make 3 boxes and 'ai' goes in the middle box ( most of the time - aim is only 2 sounds). This will help your child to notice that ai is two letters that makes one sound and goes in one box in the middle. 



Tomorrow it is going to rain. Can your child look out of the window and write a sentence about the rain? If it doesn't rain?! have a look at the picture below and describe what you can see!


If you have any questions or need any support, don't hesitate to contact Mrs Widdop and Miss Miles. 

Thank you !