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Monday 1st June - Shape, space and measure


Children in nursery start to build up their maths vocabulary by describing and talking about the shapes of every day objects. We'll revisit week 3's maths learning and have another practise at discussing the shapes of every day objects. A plate can be described as 'round' or 'circular'. A cardboard box can be 'tall' or 'wide' with 'straight' edges.


Have a hunt around your house selecting different objects and describe what they look like.

Tall? Round? Straight? Pointed? Curved?


Now I want you to go on a treasure hunt once you've had a lot of practise describe the shapes of the objects you have found. Can you find me the following in your house and/or garden?


3 tall objects


2 round objects


4 objects that have straight edges


Ready? On your marks... get set... off you go! 

Wednesday 3rd June - Number


In nursery we begin to compare quantities, understanding that the total looks different if something is taken away or more objects are added. Sometimes the quantities are the same and when children recognise this, they'll understand that it's the same number or total. 


In nursery we've played around with objects, moving them into two different groups so children can understand that even though we've split up the objects, the total is still the same because we haven't added anything and we haven't taken anything away. We've only separated them.


Try these activities at home to practise separating a group of three or four objects in different ways. I've linked the file down below for you to access.