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Each week in your Maths home learning there will be two different types of activities.  There will be a main key objective and a Maths fluency key objective.  The main objective this week is to identify equivalent fractions.  The Maths fluency key objedctive is to recall square numbers up to 12 squared and their roots.  Remember to keep working on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.


Fraction Fun

Before the lockdown we were doing a lot of work on fractions.  One of the best ways to learn about fractions is with food.


It is best if the food is a regular shape (a square, rectangle or circle).

Some good foods to use are pizzas, cakes, block of chocolate,


For example, with a pizza can you cut it in half (1/2)? Quarters 1/4?  Eights 1/8?


If you are making a pizza can you split the pizza into different fractions and use different toppings.


There are also different activities for you to have a go at in the homework section of Education City.

KO: to identify equivalent fractions

In your books see if you can answer the following questions.


One chilli = easiest challenge

Two chillies = more challenging

Three chillies = hardest challenge




Maths Challenges

Answers to the challenges:

KO: Recall square numbers up to 12 squared and their roots


Remember a squared number is a number multiplied by itself (for example, 5² = 5 x 5= 25)

Their roots means knowing that 25 is 5²


A cubed number is number multiplied by itself twice (for example, 2³ = 2 x 2 x 2= 8


Below is a website that will help you learn


There are also activities in your homework section on Education City.