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Each week in your Maths home learning there will be two different types of activities.  There will be a main key objective and a Maths fluency key objective.  The main objective this week is to subtract decimal numbers.  The Maths fluency key objective again this week is to recall all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.  Remember to keep working on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.


There are decimal activities available on the Mathletics website.


Each Friday we will post the answers to the challenges.


KO: To subtract decimal numbers

When you subtract decimal numbers it is always best to use columns.  ALWAYS line the numbers up with the decimal points underneath each other.


Have a go at the calculations below.



KO: to recall multiplication facts up to 12 x 12

We have been working on multiplication facts throughout Year 5.


To really test your skills have a go at the 'time table' challenge.  How many questions can you answer in sixty seconds?  You can choose just one times table or 'mixed.'