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Monday 11th May - Shape, space and measure


In nursery, children begin to get a sense of time. You'll notice that your child has begun to use vocabulary linked to talking about the immediate future or past. (Soon, before, later) Children start to anticipate time based events like mealtimes. 


Linked below are ways of measuring time in simple ways at home with your children and starting those discussions about time. 

Wednesday 13th May - Number


In nursery we learn that we're noticing that sometimes quantities might different or the same and that numbers can identify how many objects are in a set.


This activity to encourage counting and talking about quantities with your children can be adapted on what you have available at home. If there are no dice, you can also write up quick flash cards of numbers 1 -6 on spare paper. Be sure to draw the matching dots just like you see on a dice so your child has something visual to use. Children in nursery may start to match numeral to quantity but numeral recognition is a reception target. 


If you don't have raisins or bananas, you can cut up any fruit or you may want to use items around the house like building blocks, pennies, jigsaw puzzle pieces or paperclips - anything small and loose will do for counting.


Here's the download below for the counting game.

If you want to keep going with different ways to practise counting, why not play this game with the dice or the flashcards you've made?


Take it in turns between you and your child to roll the dice or select a flashcard. What number is it? Count to find out.


Then go on a scavenger hunt to find that many objects. 


Example: Your child picks up 3 or rolls 3... go find three objects. 


You could have a competition with your child. Who'll get the right amount of items first?




If you do have access to a printer and don't have dice or don't want to make your own, here's a downloadable link for flashcards 1-10.

Count to 10 | Jack Hartmann