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This week in our maths learning we will be exploring 3d shape. Last week we looked at 2d shape and noticed that these shapes are, 'flat.' 

3d shapes are, 'solid' shapes. 

These are the names of the shapes that we will be looking at this week. 


This is a super opportunity for children to explore 3d shape through any blocks that they might have at home. 


Have a go at these activities



3D SHAPE HUNT.  If you can, find something in the house that is the same shape for your child to explore.  Make a collection of 3d shapes and name them. 

Some ideas - 


 cone                          cube


 cuboid cylinder


 pyramid                       sphere




With your collection of 3d objects, ask you child to feel them. Pick 2 objects. Talk about what is the same and what is different. Can you find objects with square faces? Does it have any points? Can you sort them? How will you sort them? This is a good opportunity to name the shape and start to talk about their 'properties' - that is things that we can talk about when discussing the shape - edges, face and vertices ( points) . The specific language is not important at this stage, although beginning to notice how shapes are the same and different is.



3. Does it roll? 


Take your shapes outside. Make a list of their names. Predict if it will roll? Why? 

Put a tick or cross if you were right! 

You might even like to write - it will roll, it will not roll. 

Super prediction! 




4. Building


Can you collect boxes, tubes and lids and talk about the name of the shape and what we notice. Then can you ask your child to build a dinner table for The Tiger Who Came to Tea! Can you build a chair for the tiger to fit in?

What shapes will you need? Which shapes are easy to put together? Which are difficult? 





5. Shape spotting! 


Look at the pictures - which 3d shapes can you see in the pictures? Can you make a list? Maybe you could make a tally of how many you found? 




















We look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning. Don't forget to send it and get in touch at


If you need any support don' hesitate to get in touch on the email above or through your tapestry account. 

Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop