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Monday 4th May - Shape, Space and Measure


For Monday, I would like you to select three different objects in your house. Any object you wish. You might want to find a ball or a plate. Maybe a a box or a book. With your adults I want you to start talking about their size or the shape of your object.


If your child is returning to nursery in September, focus on talking about the size of their three chosen objects. Encourage and use vocabulary such as – tall, taller, big, little, middle size, small, medium, long, short, tiny, large, enormous,


If your child is moving up into reception in September, discuss the shape of your object. For example, a ball is round or curved. A plate is flat. A book can be long or thick.


Encourage and use vocabulary such as circular, square, rectangle, triangle, flat, curved, round, tall, wide.


Wednesday 6th May - Number


We'll continue our exploration of numbers this week with the number three. Download the home learning challenges on the number three and explore how three can be represented.


Extra challenges -


What are your THREE favourite fruits? Mine are apples, nectarines and strawberries


Show me THREE fingers.


Draw THREE of your favourite characters from books, TV or films. My favourite characters are Peter Pan, the mouse from the Gruffalo and Robin Hood.