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This week in maths we are going to be thinking all about shapes.


Shapes are either 2d flat shapes or 3d solid shapes.



When we discuss 2d shapes we talk about about sides ( how many and if they are curved or straight) and how many corners


What 2d shapes can you name? 





Below are some activities for you to have a go at to explore shape. Please email us some of the work you have been doing, we can't wait to see it! 


1. Can you go on a shape hunt around the house? Put the shapes down the side of your page and see what you shapes you can notice around your house. Can you draw and label what you find? 



2. It is important that we can name shapes no matter how they are positioned ( or orientated) . Can you child make a picture using shapes? Can they identify shapes in different orientations? Be as creative as you can. Don't forget to talk about and describe the shapes as you create. 





3. What about a shape scavenger hunt? Hide some shapes around your house and then give clues for your child to name the shape that you want them to find. 


"I want you to find a shape with one curved side and no corners" 

" I need to find a circle!" 


Can your child hide one for you and describe it? This will show that your child really understands the properties of the 2d shapes. 


4. Outdoor shapes. 

Using sticks, rope or planks can you make 2d shapes?


Can you make stick triangles? Squares? How many sticks did you use for each? Is it possible to make a circle out of sticks? What would be better for making a circle? 


Next week we will be exploring 3d shapes. If your child talks about 3d shape, name them with them, talk about how we might see squares on the face ( of a cube) for examples, but that 3d shapes are solid and 2d shapes are flat.