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Tuesday 21st April - Patterns


Here's a home learning challenge all about patterns! Patterns comes under Shape, Space, Measure in our maths learning. In nursery children start to notice simple shapes and patterns in pictures and learn different ways to make patterns whether it's drawing patterns, using objects to make repetitive arrangements or simple games such as creating a pattern of sounds.


Thursday 23rd April - Number One


Can you find out about the number one? Children in nursery enjoy looking at how numbers can be represented in different ways and will begin to explore how they can represent that number whether it is showing the right amount of fingers, counting out the correct number of items or trying to write the number. Try a few of these home learning challenges to explore the number one, learning how to represent it through mark marking or seeing if you can spot it in your home environment.

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

Practise counting up to ten!