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s week in maths we are thinking all about the number 10! 



To introduce the number 10, watch the following youtube link. Watch to approx 2 minutes 30



Please pick a different activity each day to support your child's knowledge to 10. 


Counting to 10

 Go outside and place a starting line. Can you do 10 tip toes? Where do you end up? Put a mark where you land. Go back and do ten hops? Have you travelled further this time?  What will make you go even further? 10 Stomps? 10 jumps? Record where you get to and talk about what you find out.



Can you collect 10 things from around the house. Count really accurately.... can you collect 


10 toys?

10 bottles? 

10 grapes?

10 cds?

10 colouring pencils? Make a picture of your collections of 10. 


Numbers that combine to make 10


Ten hunt - Hide ten objects around the house eg. 10 superheroes. Ask your child to go on a hunt - 1 at a time! Make a grid that looks like this. 




When they bring you one back - ask them to count how many they have now? Ask how many more do they need to make 10? Talk about the number that go together to make ten. 



" I have 5. I need 5 more. 5 and 5 together makes 10. "

Putting the objects in a grid helps them to see and count how many they have and how many they need.


10 green bottles  Make 10 green bottles or skittles with things around the house. Knock some down. Talk about how many are standing/ how man are knocked over.  Ask your child to record this by drawing what they have found out. 




Everyday Maths activities


It is important for your child to count everyday. 


These youtube videos will help your child with counting to 100


Number sense is your child developing an understanding of each number. Practise a number everyday asking your child to use their fingers to......


" Put your hands behind your back and show me 4......Show me 4 in a different way......Show me 4 behind your head........Show me 4 using 2 hands.......what can you tell me about 4?


Only do one number at a time and it should only last about 2 minutes!!!


We cant wait to see what you do either on our new reception email or through tapestry!