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This week in maths we are going to think about everything that we have learnt about numbers! 


Lets get busy with some of our favourite number songs from Reception.



Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | 2020 Version | Jack Hartmann

Subitize Country Style | Subitizing up to 10 | Math Song for Kids Jack Hartmann

Ten Green Bottles | Nursery Rhymes | Recycle Songs

Watch this episode of number blocks and think about the whole of a number. What parts make up that number? 

Can you pick a number between one and 20 and make a poster all about the number. Think about the parts of the number. If I picked 10, I know that the one part is 5 one part is 5 and the whole is ten. I can show this with different pictures. See if you can represent a number and its parts and wholes with a pictures. 


Can you think about what the parts and whole of the number is? 

Can you think of one more and one less than the number?

Can you draw that many objects for that number? 

Can you collect objects for that number?



Number lines 


Make number cards that are from 1- 20. Jumble them up and ask your child to put them in the right order. This shows a really good understanding of number sense and where each number fits in the number system



Number story


Can you and your child make up a number story. Tell the story and then draw the story out. It can be something really simple like, " Mummy went to the shops and bought 4 apples and 3 bananas. She had 7 things altogether." Then show your understanding of this with a picture. You can make your story as long r short as you like, the key is drawing it down to show what has happened. Try to do an addition and subtraction story. 




Scavenger hunt


Give your child an addition or subtraction sentence, either to 10 or 20 - depending on where your child is at in their learning journey. They need to find the answer to your question - either with hiding digit cards, or collecting objects that show the answer. 



Then try this one for fun! 




As always if you need have any questions or need any support, please don't hesitate to contact us on


Thank you

Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop