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Maths- Week 12


For our last week of home learning, we will revisit and a few different skills in Maths. Let's start with place value.

Chilli challenge 1

Place value games you could play:

How to count using tens and ones


Our next set of challenges are related to addition, and using what we know to help us solve these Summer themed problems.

Chilli challenge 2

Addition and subtraction games you could play:
Adding 3 single digit numbers
Mummy numbers + and -
Smoothie Maths

Now we'll move onto problem solving using our knowledge about money.

Chilli challenge 3

Money games you could play:
Custom car garage:
Pay for it!

Karate Cats - Maths!
This fun adventure style game will help you revisit all of your learning in Year 2. 
Have fun!