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Week 11 Maths
This week we are going to work on some problems related to multiplication and division. We will look at recognising equal groups, recapping repeated addition, completing x and ÷ calculations, and using our knowledge of inverse to solve calculations. Try your best, and remember you can always ask us for help by emailing

Watch this video to remind you about the relationship between multiplication and division

Chilli Challenge 1


Chilli Challenge 2 
In the 'mild' and 'medium' challenges below, you will see the objects have been grouped. You will need to count how many groups there are, then how many objects are in each group. Making 'lots of' or 'groups' of is multiplication. Have a go at the challenges below.


Chilli Challenge 3

These activities are a little bit trickier. Try to remember our work on inverse! 

All these games are waiting for you to play NOW on Education City!
(A few of you had a sneaky play earlier this half term, see if you can solve the problems even quicker!)