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This week in maths we are continuing to think about measuring. We are going to think about weight. 


Before we get busy with weight, lets practice subitising and counting.

Subitize Country Style | Subitizing up to 10 | Math Song for Kids Jack Hartmann

The Big Numbers Song


To begin to think about weight, we need to think about the language that we use. 


We use the words 









Talk to your child about what they know about heavy and light. What do the words mean? Can they think of anything that is heavy and light? 


Then complete the following activities. 


1.  Can you child dicuss which is heavy and which is light? How do they know? 



2.  Give your child an apple. Challenge them to find things around the house that are heavier and lighter than apple. Can they put them into sets of heavier and lighter and talk about how they know? 



3. Bucket experiment. 


Give your child a bucket and ask them to fill it with things. Can they notice what is happening as they put things in their bucket? Can they make their bucket heavier? Can they make their bucket lighter? Talk  about what they need to do to make heavier and lighter. 





Weight is a tricky concept when talking about baking, but we couldn't do a weight activitiy without some baking. When baking with your child, talk about the scales and what these measure. They measure the weight of the ingredients. As you are weighing, talk about the numbers that your child recognises. Talk about how the bigger the number, the heavier the ingredients. Enjoy your creations! 


4. Scavenger hunt


Can your child go on a scavenger hunt and find the things below? This will help with their understanding of the language of measure. 



We look forward to seeing all your weighing and measuring. As always if you need any support or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop