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This week in maths, we are going to start thinking about measuring. 


To get our brains in gear for maths, lets first practice counting all the way to 100! 



Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Recognising Numbers

Have a little go at this numeral recognition game, recognising your numbers to 20!

This week we are going to start looking at length and height. Your child may already use words like big and small to describe the length or height of objects, we are now going to encourage them to use maths language, " tall/ short" for height and " long/ short" for length


First they need to find something that they think is tall or short...... This might be a flower, Daddy, a table.... remember tall goes up!!!


Once they have found something that they can class as tall or short, long or short, we need to start comparing objects. 


1. Go on a treasure hunt. 


Show your child an object. Can they find something " taller" than the object, " shorter" than the object.


When they bring the object, show them how to measure carefully, to really accurately see if something is taller or shorter.


Can your child find 3 objects and put them in the order tallest to shortest, longest to shortest.  When they have done this can they talk about which is the tallest, which is the longest? 







2. Measure their feet! 


Draw around your feet and cut them out. How long is your foot? Can you find someone who has longer feet? Do you know anyone that might have shorter feet? 

How can we find out? We can measure. ... you will need bricks or something that is a standard length. 

Encourage your child to start at one end and measure how many bricks they need to measure their feet from one end to another. You might even make your own shoe shop! 



3. Can you find something longer, shorter and the same? 


When you go on your daily walk grab a stick. Look for things that are longer ,shorter and the same length as the stick. Encourage your child to use the mathematical language of measuring. 



4. Plant a seed. 


Plant a seed, such as a bean or a sunflower. Encourage your child to talk about the growth of the shoots and use blocks or cubes to measure the plant as it grows. 



What a fantastic week of maths you have ahead! 

If you require any support, have any questions or just want to show off your amazing work, please don't hesitate to contact us on or through your tapestry account.


Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop