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Each week we will upload 3 'Chilli Challenges' for you to have a go at as well as your 'Key Instant Recall Facts' to keep practicing. Please feel free to send us pictures of any work you complete - we always love to see all your hard work! You will see at the bottom of the page some guidance to help with calculations that fits with what we do in school. Any questions - please get in touch through parent email.


We have also set you some activities to have a go at on Education City and Mathletics, use your log in details to access it and give it a go!


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Chilli Challenges! Week 9

Adding multiple-digit numbers using column method

In this video it will help you remember how we use column method to work out those 3-digit calculations with or without EXCHANGING! Use those active listening skills I know you are already great at and follow the steps that will help you with all the maths challenges this week (Don't worry - we won't be adding 4-digit numbers just yet!!)

Remember - draw yourself a big place value chart to help you as well. If you don't have any counters, you can use any objects you can find at home! :)

Key Instant Recall Facts