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Each week in your Maths home learning there will be two different types of activities.  There will be a main key objective and a Maths fluency key objective.  The main objective this week is to convert fractions, percentages and decimals.  The Maths fluency key objective this week is to recall cube numbers.  Remember to keep working on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.


There are decimal activities available on the Mathletics website.


Each Friday we will post the answers to the challenges.


KO: to convert fractions, percentages and decimals


When the denominator of a fraction is 100 it is really easy to convert the fraction to a percentage (the numerator is the percentage).  To convert a percentage to a decimal you need to divide the percentage by 100 (move the number two places to the right).


For example,


13/100 - 100 is the denominator and 13 is the numerator


13% - 13 is the numerator


0.13 - 13 ÷ 100 = moving to the number one place to the right = 1.3,

two places to the right = 0.13






(remember the decimal point never moves, just the numbers)





When the denominator in the fraction is not 100 you will need to do something different to convert it into a percentage.  


You will need to divide 100 by the denominator and then multiply the answer by the numerator.  For example, 3/4 = (100 ÷ 4= 25) (25 x 3)= 75 so 3/4 = 75%


Or 3/10 = (100 ÷ 10= 10) (10 x 3= 30) = 30%


KO: to recall cube numbers


Remember cube numbers are the number multiplied by itself two times.

Also, remember the symbol telling you to cube a number is ³


For example,


4³= 4 x 4 x 4= 64


This week, see how high you can go.  Do you think you could go as far as 20³?