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This week in maths we are going to look at halving and sharing. The children have good experience with sharing between 2 when they share resources with a friend. This week we will explore this further and think about what it means to halve and share. 


Lets get our brains warmed up with some subitising to begin with! 

Subitize Country Style | Subitizing up to 10 | Math Song for Kids Jack Hartmann

Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song | The Singing Walrus

Halving is splitting something into '2 equal groups'. Children need experience of halving as physically splitting objects into 2 equal groups before we can talk about splitting things fairly and unfairly. 


Can you together cut fruit in half? When you have cut, talk about how you have 2 parts that are the same size. Look closely together and discuss what has happened. To further children's understanding, can you cut into 2 pieces 'unfairly' ( one big and one small) and see whether your child can recognise whether this is half? Why not? 


Pizza making is also a fantastic activity for discussing half! 








Give your child an amount of snack to share. Talk about what happens if they cant share this equally. Can they talk about this not being fair? What would they do? Extend this to sharing between 3 or even 4 if your child is confident with sharing between 2. 




Have a teddy's bear picnic. Share the items equally between the teddy bears. Purposefully provide some things that will give equal groups and some that are unfair for your child to discuss. 







Sorting equal and unequal amounts


Make little pictures with amounts like below. Ask your child which amounts have been halved equally and which are unequal. Talk about how they know and what they would need to do to make the amounts equal. 




We hope you enjoy this really practical maths topic.

If you have any questions, queries, or require any support, please don't hesitate to contact us on or through your tapestry account. Enjoy halving and sharing!
Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop