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Week 8 Maths
This week we will be recapping what we have learnt about time. We will start by recapping o clock and half past.
We will start by helping Ruby and Dylan work out the opening and closing times of Hampton Palace. Watch the video below.

o clock and half past video.mp4

Still image for this video

Now try Chilli Challenge 1
*You can download it at the bottom of the page if you need to!*


Let’s move on to recapping what we know about quarter past and quarter to. Imagine the clock is a pizza, split into quarters, like this:

When the long, minute hand is pointing to the 3, it is quarter past the hour.

When the long, minute hand is pointing to the 9, it is quarter to the hour.


Watch this video and see if you can identify all the times shown on the clock.

Now try Chilli Challenge 2!

Now we’ll use what we know about hours and minutes to solve some problems, as well as learn how to read the time to 5 minute intervals. This will be new to some of you, so don’t worry if you find this tricky. Email if you need help!


This video will show you how you can count by 5s to help you tell the time to 5 minute intervals.

Now try Chilli Challenge 3!
If you are finding these activities very tricky, log on to Education City, play the Week 8 games first, then come back and try one of the challenges below.


*Home Work - Week 8 Time*


Click on the links to play more games related to time.

Downloadable activity sheets