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Maple Class - Year 3B

Hello Maple Class! I hope you are all keeping well and that you enjoyed your Easter break! And I hope you didn't eat all your chocolate eggs at once and that you might of saved some for me!wink

 I have been very busy with house projects at home and putting together lots of activities and resources that you can do to keep up the learning from home, so please have a look at the 'home learning' star folder below! And where you can, get yourself outside and do some of the work in the lovely sunshine we've been getting recently. 


Now I know that it is a strange time not being back at school, but it won't be long until we see each other again, and even though I miss all your happy faces and hearing all the stories of what you guys get up to - look after your family and friends, and keep smilingcheeky 


Please if any parents/guardians have any questions in regards to the home learning tasks, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me directly, and send me pictures and videos of what you are getting up to as well! This is via. 'Home learning parent email'. You will find it in the 'Home Learning' star folder below.


It's great to see your pictures/videos; it makes my day, and keep looking on the class page as there are lots more to come!


Take care of yourselves. 


Mr Black laugh

The Magnificent Marvels of Maple! We are so proud of you all!

A little video to say hello!

Still image for this video
A video message for all our children at Lane End! CLICK HERE!!!!!

Marvellous Maple Mathematicians - Well Done!!

Maple Class Gallery


Here are a selection of photographs showing you what we have been learning about this term. Have a look in the other parts of our page too, to see what we have been up to!laugh

We are learning about....
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Lane End Challenges


Here at Lane End, as we ‘learn and believe, aspire and achieve’, we are faced with many new experiences and challenges.

Some of these arrive as special ‘Lane End Challenges’!


Some challenges will help us to be important parts of wider teams and communities.

Some challenges will let us learn about and try new things we might never have done before – and sometimes we will have to be brave to try!

Some challenges will help us to develop new skills that we will need in everyday life.

Some challenges will make us think about our futures, and help us to develop our own hopes, goals and aspirations.

Many challenges will make us use our voices – so that we can share our ideas, and communicate what we know and think.


Look at the links below to find out what we have been up to and what we have successfully completed so far this year.

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