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Learning Logs and Basic Skills homework

WC 8th May 2017
WC 1st May 2017
WC 24th April 2017
WC 20th March 2017
WC 13th March 2017
WC 6th March 2017

WC 27th February 2017


We will be learning about materials in Hawthorn class such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper and fabric. What do you know about different materials? You can write lists, add in photos, draw pictures plus much more.

W/C 30/1/17

Finish the sentences using and, but, because or so. Use your Lane End handwriting. Now make up some of your own.

You can have an apple


Ted can’t play football


Kate had a cake


The crocodile was big

Learning log task 20th January 2017


It has been anti-bullying week at Lane End Primary School.

Can you tell us what makes a good friend? You can write, draw pictures, tell a story, write a poem or choose another way to show your homework.

13th January 2016-Learning Log task

2 December 2016 - Please click on each document to make them bigger and easier to read!


25th November - Skills Homework

2. Maths Key Skills - Using a 100 Square

1. Discovering Habitats

Thank you Swarit for finding these habitat links at home!

An Urban Habitat:

A Coastal habitat:
A woodland habitat:


As part of our enquiry next week, we will be finding out about animals that live in different places of the UK.  Please help your child to understand the following words.









Ask them to choose one of these and find out what animals live there! Have fun!


Finding Out About Habitats:


In our science we are exploring habitats (where creatures live). Please can you help your child find out where different creatures and animals live.  They can present their learning in whatever way they want BUT please only use one page in this log book.

Photographs can be emailed to

Plus we are hoping to build habitats for mini beasts so need your help!  Can anyone provide pallets, crates, bricks, plastic bottles, straws, cardboard tubes, newspapers, plant pots, logs, sticks, canes – anything else you can think of.

This what we are aiming to build by the end of our enquiry!