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Learning at home

Maths activities you can do at home!


We introduce a new number every two weeks as part of our maths learning. To help us we look at the numberblocks! Watch an episode of numberblocks ( only up to 20 please) and talk about what your child has noticed during the episode. Here is a guide to help you with what to do after watching each episode. 


Count to 20 everyday! Count in silly voices, count forwards and backwards, count objects! 


We subitise daily in maths. This means using your eyes to see a set of objects and knowing what the number is. Some of our favourite songs to do this to are linked below.


Why not go on a shape hunt around your home? Which shapes are 2d? Which shapes are 3d? Can you draw the shapes?

Here is our shape song that we love to sing to help us to remember their names:


Lots of counting songs can be found here.


Reading activities at home



Oxford owl are offering free ebooks for families. These books are for children to read to you. When searching, put in the child's book band level ( on the back of their school reading book) and search. These books will then be at an appropriate stage for your child's phonic knowledge. 


Phonic packs have been sent home appropriate for your child's phonic level. 


Share books at home. Look for rhyming words in books, repeating words in books. Can your child fill in the missing rhyming word. 


While you are sharing a story, think about the following questions with your child: 


What did you like or dislike about this story? 

What is happening in this picture?

What do you think might happen in the story? 

Who are the main characters in the story?


Look in books to find the tricky words that we are learning at the moment. 


Can they find the words


I     no    go    the    into

he    she   we   me   be   you   all   are    her   was   they    my    


Pick one or two at a time! 



Writing activities at home


Practice name writing! Can you write your first name, middle name, surname?


Practise writing letters " the Lane End way." A cursive handwriting sheet is available here


Draw a picture and label it! We have seen some fabulous Sonic's recently, the boys have been really interested in all the characters. What character does your child like ? Can they draw and label it?


Write a card to a loved one- remember to use the tricky words ' to' and 'love' in the card. 


Write a letter to a loved one telling them about the activities you are doing. Can you write a letter to your teacher?!