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Inspirational People and Black History Month

For 'Black History Month' we discovered how ROSA PARKS helped change the lives of millions of African Americans and the history of her country.


Hazel class agreed that all people should be treated equally, regardless of where you come from, what religion you follow, where you work, what language you speak or whether you’re a boy or a girl.


Sadly, we also found out that this isn’t always the case, and we discovered that many groups of people around the world still suffer as a result of prejudices and discrimination.


Thankfully, there are some amazing people who have done incredible things to fight for equality. One such person was a civil rights activist called Rosa Parks.


We hope you enjoy looking at a small selection of our amazing art work, writing and video clips.


She made us feel inspired to stand up for what we believe in. Thank you Rosa Parks!


Rosa Parks Art

All about Rosa Parks - what did she do?

Megan would like to tell you what we found out and what it means for society today ...

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