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Ideas that do need some paper...

  • Drawing is so mindful and we have a lot of keen artists at Lane End so why not have a go at these:


  1. Learn how to draw Marvel characters from a real Marvel artist. Will Sliney is hosting a drawing class on his You tube channel
  2. Learn how to be a cartoonist
  3. Check out the Primary Art Class for tutorials on different art challenges and games


  • Play a game with your family. You have a piece of paper each. You each secretly draw a head at the top and fold over. Then you pass it on to the next person, You all add a body to the new sheet, fold over to keep it secret and pass it on. You do the same for legs and feet and then finally for the name of your character. Open up to see the weird and wonderful creations you have made! To see how to do it, watch this