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Ideas that do need some paper...

  1. Follow these instructions exactly. Does your egg look the same and the egg drawn by someone else in your house?


  • Draw an egg shape to fill your piece of paper.
  • Draw a ribbon around the middle of the egg.

(The ribbon should be running horizontally)

  • Draw spots on the ribbon.
  • Colour half the spots green and half of them yellow.
  • Colour the rest of the ribbon in a colour that begins with a ‘b’
  • Draw stripes running down the top half of the egg in a vertical direction. Give them a purple-pink pattern.
  • On the bottom of the egg draw a bunny rabbit. He is holding a basket with flowers in it. He has a red bonnet on his head.
  • Draw a smaller egg, laying on its side, to the right of the bigger egg you have already designed.
  • Draw a pattern on this egg that you have come up with yourself. Colour it in.
  • Compare your egg to your friend’s one. Do they look the same of different? Why?
  • Why not upload your designs onto your class email – we’d love to see them! Don’t forget to write your name on it!


2. Have a paper aeroplane competition. Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land.


3. Create a family tree together, to explore the different branches of your family and their generations. Print out photos of each person and stick them on.


4. Challenge your child to create an artistic collage – cut out from magazines and catalogues, use stickers and paint to bring it to life. If you have an empty picture frame it can go on their wall.


5. Write a story about an Easter adventure.