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Ideas if you have run out of paper...

  1. Follow Sara's direction and make Easter sugar cookies in this fun online Easter cooking game. You'll get extra points for making the cookies before the time is up.
  2. Get the bags of carrots in the goal with as few pushes as you can in the free online Easter game, Carrot Quest. There are 20 levels in Carrot Quest, including a tutorial to help you learn how to play the game. Each level gets more and more challenging in this fun problem-solving online Easter game.
  3. Chicken Jump is an addictive online Easter game where you make your chicken jump from platform to platform to see just how high he can go. If your chicken falls to the ground, the game is over and you'll have to start again.
  4. You're Hopper, a trainee Easter bunny and you'll need to use your mouse to guide your bunny around the screen to collect eggs and baby chicks. You'll find that this Easter game is not only fun but challenging. Complete a level successfully, and you'll get to move on to the next. Complete all the levels, and you'll become a full-time Easter Bunny.
  5. Shoot your Easter eggs to try to get as many in the basket as you can. You have 60 seconds to get 21 eggs in the basket in this fun online Easter game. Can you do it?
  6. How many falling Easter eggs can you catch in your basket? Use your mouse to see! Be sure to get the golden eggs; they're worth both bonus points and bonus time. Just watch out for the rotten eggs and eggs with bombs in this fun online Easter game, when you get four of them your game is over.
  7. Bugged Bunny is an action online Easter game where you have to guide Bugged Bunny through obstacles to see if you can make it to the finish line. Collect items along your path and you'll get bonus points and increase your speed.