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Ideas if you have run out of paper...

Easter Bonnet

Can you design and make yourself an easter bonne using only things you can find at home? Label your design and write a caption then take a photo and send it in to your teachers! Can't wait to see your amazing and imaginative designs!


Easter Baking 

Have a look online for some recipes to follow.

Follow the recipe, making sure that your child has the opportunity to weigh and measure the ingredients.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Easter nests
  • Rice Krispie buns
  • Simnel Cake
  • Anything with a creme egg!


Rock Painting

Paint a rock like an Easter egg. Put a positive message on the back and hide it somewhere to bring a smile to someone else during their daily exercise or hide it in somewhere around the school field or your back garden as part of an egg hunt! Can you find anyone else's?


Invisible Ink Easter Notes

Squeeze a lemon to get as much juice out as possible, using a cotton bud or a brush ask your child to write a secret note or draw a secret picture using the lemon juice and leave it somewhere for you to find. Reveal the message by holding the lemon juice near a heat source - if you choose a candle be careful not to burn yourself- and write a response back!


Crystal Egg-speriment

Make a decorative Easter egg of pipe cleaners and leave to soak in a solution of hot water and salt- the more salt the better to create crystal eggs. Further instructions

Make more than one using different amounts of salt and take photos over time to see which crystals grow best. You could make a poster explaining the results of your experiment.


Make an Easter bunny


Make a bunny bookmark