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Ideas for helping at home (Collaborative Cara style)...

  • Children have to find an item in the room that matches the particular colour called out by the adult and touch the item (it cannot be on another person or on themselves). The game becomes more interesting when the adult calls out unusual colours or patterns


  • Using traffic light commands (green for ‘run’, red for ‘stop, amber for ‘walk around’), the group has to follow the commands of the adult. Anyone who does the wrong action is out of the game.


  • Each sub-team has to direct a blindfolded team member to retrieve an object. The sub-team that is the first to do so wins.


  • The team has to fit everyone within a designated circle for a minimum of 10 seconds without anyone falling out of the circle. With each successful attempt, the circle gets smaller and they’ll have to work together to complete the challenge.


  • Form shapes (letters, numbers, etc) using their bodies