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Ideas for fun in the garden or outside...

  • Easter Obstacle Course With Egg Balance An Easter-themed obstacle course gets everyone moving. Each player needs a spoon and either a hard-boiled egg or a plastic Easter egg. The players balance the egg on the spoon while navigating an obstacle course set up in the backyard. Ideas for obstacles include sawhorses to climb under, Easter baskets to weave through and plastic eggs scattered on the ground that the players have to tiptoe around to avoid smashing them.


  • Egg Rolling Each player needs a different coloured hard-boiled egg for this game. Place one white hard-boiled egg in the middle of the lawn or patio. Each player takes a turn rolling his hard-boiled egg. The goal is to get the coloured egg to stop closest to the white egg. Keep extras of each colour on hand in case one of the eggs cracks or gets squashed during the game.


  • Easter Egg Toss This outdoor Easter game requires players to toss eggs back and forth without dropping them. Any type of egg works for this game, including raw, hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Real eggs, whether or not you boil them, will make a mess when dropped or tossed too hard, adding a layer of messy fun to the game.


  • Easter Egg Hunt Variations Give a regular Easter egg hunt a twist for an interesting outdoor game. One option is to organise a treasure hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt. Create a map with locations marked for different Easter treats. You might leave eggs, baskets or small Easter toys in each marked location. Include a larger basket at the end of the treasure hunt. Another variation is to write a letter on each egg. After the children collect their eggs, they use the letters to spell out as many words as possible. A special prize goes to the child who creates the most words from her letters.


  • Make a loo roll bird feeder This is messy fun children will love to get stuck into. And it will help them learn about the birds near to where you live. You can make this simple feeder with items you probably already have at home: Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds). Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole. Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.


  • Have a picnic in the garden Children will soon tire of sitting around the same table for every meal, so pack up your lunch and take it outdoors. It's a lovely way to keep mealtimes varied, and for everyone to get some fresh air. If you don't have a garden or it's raining outside, have an indoor picnic on the living room floor instead. Children will love the change from the norm and it will feel like an adventure.